Monday, October 06, 2008

A revolution is imminent

The situation is this country seems rather dire.  We  have lost freedoms at an alarming rate, debt is crushing the country, and we have a totally inept and corrupt government trying to shove poor legislation down our throats.  A revolution is imminent, but I'm not sure which direction this country will go.

At some point, I have to believe that our citizens will rise up against our government and invoke a real change.  Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to forget personal responisibility and help our fellow man before we help ourselves.  While plentiful joy can be found in helping fellow men, we can not spread joy unless we can experience it ourselves.  Coercion takes the joy out of helping people, and what our government is doing now and has been doing for years is the coerced provision of welfare.  This will continue, because we are not a freedom loving country any longer.  

This is why Obama will win the election and push his socialist marxist agenda on to people.  The run on businesses and talented people from this country will be massive into more libertarian nations like Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.  I know I will be moving.

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Andrew Abraham said...

What happens if McCain wins.. we have been discussing this on the impact of each politician... Do you think McCain can fix the mess?? Let us know..we want to hear your opinion...thanks