Sunday, December 21, 2008

GM the new Taggart Transcontinental

I liken the antics of Rick Wagoner to James Taggart of Taggart Transcontinental. He is placing the burden of his poorly run auto company onto our backs so he can continue to receive massive CEO pay along with his union boss partners in crime. This year, I will do everything in my power to not pay taxes on anything that I do not have to. I will not let my efforts pay for the idiocy of Bush, Obama, Wagoner, or any other socialists. I work for me, not for people that are over paid because they have a union job legitimized by a socialist government. GM is surviving because of politics, not because of it's ability to produce effectively or efficiently, nor because it delivers products that consumers want to buy in the quantity they want to buy them. This is a tragedy that will continue until people get educated and stand up to it.

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