Friday, December 05, 2008

New constitutional amendment proposal

Legislation that may favor certain individuals, organizations, or businesses through intent or otherwise is unconstitutional. Government programs intended to induce or promote behavior or activities through subsidies, taxes, regulations, and other incentives or punishments are strictly prohibited.

Purpose: To reduce or eliminate political risk associated with individual, organizational, or business decisions. The threat of government interference reduces risk taking and slows economic productivity. It also removes the bias towards people with political connections and reduces the overall power of bureaucrats well disconnected from most individuals.

Overall, in order to achieve some sort of social equity, power must be returned to the people and their respective localities. A constitutional amendment like this would take the steps necessary to achieve this. The problem we face is getting it passed. There are two ways for it to get passed: US congress + Presidential approval, or a state constitutional convention. The only way for it to get passed through congress would be by way of having a supermajority of constitution abiding congressmen and women. The state convention is a more likely, although still unlikely, route to get an amendment passed. What we need to do is get local legislators to push for stronger state powers. Only then will the people have enough sway to return power to themselves.

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statusquobuster said...

You need to learn more about the provision in Article V for a convention of state delegates to propose constitutional amendments, and why Congress has refused to obey the Constitution; go to and become a member