Sunday, February 15, 2009

The end of the Great Experiment

It appears, that the great experiment, as the British have labeled the US, is more or less over. The once hard working and liberty minded American people have embraced collectivism. It only took a hundred years for collectivism to wipe out capitalism and free markets. Manipulation of money by the Fed, the income tax, welfare programs, foreign intervention, public education, and regulation of markets all were enacted since 1900. Stepwise, the collectivists have taken over government and brainwashed the citizens into thinking that capitalism is evil. I became extremely depressed to find that people in business school were liberal collectivists. The very thing they were looking to achieve in learning how to run businesses would be undermined by their political philosophy. There were a small few who were libertarian capitalists, and they were the few that I still communicate with on occasion.

It will take strong states rights to return us to the glory of industrial capitalism. Too much centralized power in the form of tax law manipulation and regulation kills incentives for businesses and people to provide services that are needed. Instead of what is needed, we are forced to take what politicians want us to take. That is not a way for people to live their lives. We are not slaves to the master politician. We are people who want to make choices for our own lives, unencumbered by others desires. We set our own path, however long and however many directions it may take, to make our lives as good or as bad as we want. The reality is, some people do not want to work if it means we have to jump through hoops help by government hacks. It supports the legitimacy of the politicians.

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