Monday, March 23, 2009

Currency Debasement Continues

We will create money for well connected hedge funds to buy bad assets off of banks books at prices way over what they are worth, guarantee a large portion of any of the losses, and use a competitve bidding process like the one I outlined earlier this year regarding the bad bank: THE AUCTION PLAN

I swear I will not achieve any longer for the purpose of redistribution of wealth to politically connected people. It was bad enough to give it to poor whiners, but now that we give it to rich politically connected hedge fund and bank managers is just disgusting.

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Paradox said...

So you're a student looking for sound understanding of economics? Not bad at all, I'm one of that bunch, too.
This blog could use some discussions, though. A little promotion could do wonders.
BTW, ain't bad either, with a joyful bunch of loyal readers.