Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Read this and you'll understand why I'm writing on this blog

The brutally honest truth

We have gone too long letting thieves, con men, racketeers, extortionists, and murderers run the country. It's time to take the country back.

The following is a shortened list of people who have defrauded you and would be put in jail if there was such a thing as rule of law:

1. George Bush
2. Barack Obama
3. Hank Paulson
4. Ben Bernanke
5. Tim Geithner
6. Jamie Dimon
7. Lloyd Blankfein
8. Vikram Pandit
9. Ken Lewis
10. Joseph Cassano

This list will grow, but if these people go to jail for lying, cheating, stealing, extorting, and defrauding, all of which are illegal under the law, then we will be on the right step toward rewarding those who act according to the law and punishing those who do not. Whether this takes an act of the states leaving the union and prosecuting these people does not matter to me. I'm all for it as long as these people go to jail.

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