Sunday, June 28, 2009

Corporate Meds for MJ

MDs are trained pill pushers. They treat sickness rather than promote wellness. Michael Jackson's MD thought it was a good idea to put him on 8 different medications at the same time. Here's the list:

1. Demerol - similar to morphine
2. Vicodin - pain killer
3. Dialudid - pain killer
4. Soma - muscle relaxant
5. Xanax - Sedative
6. Zoloft - anti-depressant
7. Priolosec - heartburn
8. Paxil - anxiety

A toxic and deadly regimen, meant to mask MJs symptoms likely didn't help him after his doctor pumped a final injection of his 3x daily dose of Demerol. If you think these drug companies are really trying to help you, you are mad and you should seek help from a trained pill pushing MD.

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