Wednesday, June 03, 2009

In fact, Greed is Good

When capitalism has gone awry, it has been because of political interests incentivizing the market to do dumb things.  True free market capitalism is a self regulating system much like the human body.  A market is a natural thing that occurs and has occurred since man began specializing labor.  When that market is obstructed from operating in an efficient way, then the system is not a free market and will reward individuals who seek to gain off of the effort of others through what amounts to theft.  Individuals who allow others to gain off of their effort are just as much to blame as the people who gain.  Freedom to act in one's self interest is a natural right that has been swept under the rug by dictators, politicians, theives, bankers, and other collectivists in an effort to leech off of the productive and redistribute to the less productive.

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