Friday, July 03, 2009

Hawaii's unions are entitled to high pay

Hawaii's union members are doing everything they can to protect their above market wages and benefits at the expense of the taxpayers of the state of Hawaii:

Supreme court overturns Governor's decision to furlough state workers

While the non-government employee citizens of Hawaii have to sacrifice in order to make ends meet during a recession that has seen plunging tourism revenues, the government employees feel entitled to their benefits. These people don't understand that they work at the will of taxpayers willingness and ability to pay for their bloated benefits and salaries. Now that they can't afford to spend half of their income on taxes, taxpayers are saying government employees need to sacrifice as well. Money doesn't grow on trees no matter what these looters believe. My guess is that 99% of government employees have never run a value-creating entity, otherwise known as a business. They just have no idea how the world works and don't really care as long as they get their fat paychecks and their pensions. What they don't realize is, without US there is no THEM.

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