Thursday, July 16, 2009

Healthcare is not a right

Watch Ron Paul talk about how healthcare is not a right:

Then read the comments from the people that posted on the video. There you will find some of the most vile leeching human parasites on the face of the Earth. The kind of scum that believes that you need to pay for their needs because you were lucky enough to make more money than them. The looters that have enabled the federal government to forcefully take over 50% of your income through various tax schemes to redistribute to their overpaid union friends. These people are stricken with a disease that was not born in them. It was instilled in them through years of government education and indoctrination. They believe that everything you do should be for "we". Everything you earned is for "we". Everything you have studied and strived to achieve is for "we". There is no "we", there is only individuals, seeking to achieve for their own good, to provide for their own family, and somehow it has made America the wealthiest and most productive nation in the world. But for these looters, it is not enough, because they are too lazy to achieve for their own good and believe that it is up to others to take care of them. It's disgusting, but its the true state of things.

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