Monday, September 14, 2009

Bank of America Ire

I wanted to respond to an anonymous reader's comments here, because I think his ire is well justified given how much I deplore TARP and the fascism of our time.

Anonymous said:
As a loyal reader of your blog, I am a little disappointed that you waited to get ripped off AGAIN to close your account and that you'd have a BOA account in the first place. Especially considering the TARP $$, and the Debtors Revolt. We really expect more from you.

To the Anonymous:

I do not have a Bank of America account because I want a BofA account. I had it because of a rental property that I own out of state. BofA was the only bank that had locations available to my property manager and myself. I kept minimal balances there; just enough to pacify them and their minimum balance requirements. My end of cycle balances were usually less than $30. The majority of my money is at the community bank where I work.

Sorry for the dissapointment, but it was a business decision. I could have potentially used an online bank or another community bank, but to me it wasn't worth the hassle. Seeing as how the rental property is being sold, I won't have to deal with BofA any longer and good riddance!

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