Friday, September 11, 2009


The president complains that 50 million people do not have health insurance. Now whose problem is this? Is it the people that aren't willing to purchase health insurance, or is it the people who get "free" healthcare by going into hospital ERs because they are legally to get care regardless of ability to pay? No!

It is the health insurance companies problem because there are 50 million people that aren't paying them! If you consider that 50 million people could be paying $200/month for health insurance and the health insurers will make an extra $20-40/month by having mandated health insurance, you will see why the health insurance companies want this bill passed. It is $100-200 million more in their pockets EVERY MONTH! $1.2-2.4 billion EVERY YEAR! AFTER PAYING THEMSELVES ENORMOUS BONUSES FOR THEIR HARD LOBBYING!

People in this country have been taken advantage of every day without even knowing it and it's been allowed because of the spineless court judges that have allowed fascism to creep into what used to be a primarily free market.

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Dr. Cole Bradburn said...

The government cannot create anything, but rather it can only take things. Health care, like everything else, is ultimately made possible by business activity. What a government means when it says it is giving you something for "free" is that it is forcing you to pay for something whether you use it or not, or taking something from you to give to someone else.