Sunday, November 08, 2009

Obama's Success

Many in the media have commented on Obama's abject failure to do anything. I'm somewhat astonished at this opinion. Obama has done everything he said he would do, but he's doing it in a way so as to make you think he has done nothing. Let's take a look at what he has done:

1. Pulled some troops out of Iraq. Not as many as he promised, nor as fast, but it has been done.
2. Escalated the War in Afghanistan
3. Bailed out big banks and insurance companies that bought him the election (20% of the economy)
4. Bailed out auto makers and in doing so ended seniority of claims in bankruptcy (5% of the economy)
5. Helped put together the worst health care bill in the history of the nation while attempting to hijack 17% of the economy.
6. Bailed out excess inventory in housing by costing taxpayers about $45k/house sold in the last 6 months 10% of the economy

Obama has nearly singlehandedly taken over about 60% of the economy in one year. I would say he's been a resounding success in those terms.

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