Friday, December 18, 2009

Double Whammy

Looks like the tax payers are about to get screwed for Christmas.

The Senate and its feckless leader, Harry Reid is planning on forcing votes for the Communist Healthcare Package and Investment Banker Bonus fattener aka Cap and Trade in the coming week. Passage of these two bills should enrage the people. They are both complete garbage that will raise the cost of healthcare and raise the cost of everything else respectively.

It's getting close to time to completely opt out of this craziness. The Federal Government is completely out of control. The only way to stop them is through the States. Remember, the Constitution is a contract between the States and the Federal Government that strictly lays out what the Federal government is allowed to do by the states and their people, not the other way around. States need to assert their 10th amendment rights and nullify any unconstitutional actions by the Federal Government.

So the message from the imperial federal government is clear: Merry F'n Christmas!

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