Thursday, April 15, 2010

America is warming up to Ron Paul

Rasmussen reports that Ron Paul would garner 41% of the vote vs. Barack Obama. It's about time America listened to Dr. No. It's hard to argue against the man's logic. Mr. Obama promised several things and did the opposite on issues including war, bank bailouts, taxes, and healthcare. He has to go and needs to be replaced by someone who protects citizenry from intentional and unconstitutional federal intrusion into people's lives. Think about today, April 15th. You have been working all year to pay your federal tax liability. From today to the end of the year, you are working for yourself. Does that make sense? To work a quarter of the year for some faceless entity of which you have almost no control. Common law and natural rights are supposed to be protected in this country and included among those is the right to earn a living without interference from any government. Ron Paul represents that mindset and I believe he would right the course for this country.

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