Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blowback Defined: Militants Tighten Grip on Yemeni Coastal Town -

Militants Tighten Grip on Yemeni Coastal Town -

In yet another example of Blowback, Al Qaeda is now in control of a Yemeni Coastal town. The US has supported the Yemeni dictator for 30 years while he has oppressed his people. Al Qaeda sees him as a pawn of the US and has decided in the wave of middle east unrest to revolt.

This is a true cluster much like Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran. The US just needs to get the hell out of Middle East politics because we can't seem to do anything right. The longer we stay there, the more Al Qaeda we create and the larger threat we cause for ourselves at home.

This Memorial Day we need to remember the people who fought and died for THIS republic; not some far away conquest in conflicts for big egos and big corporations.

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