Sunday, July 31, 2011

Healthcare Disruption? Not a chance!

Modern Healthcare is completely fucked up. No amount of medical record digitization or web services will improve an industry that focuses on covering up symptoms rather than fixing problems. The quote below sums up the problem quite nicely.

There’s a clear understanding that the industry must shift its focus towards outcomes from “do more, bill more” orientation. If ever there was an industry that should understand that it’s more effective to address underlying conditions than treating the symptom, it should be healthcare.

If you look at the decline of health in the modern era, it is mostly due to nutrition. Obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure & Type II diabetes are examples of problems caused by nutrition. However, most allopathic physicians will prescribe poison... er... medicine to mask the problem and make the symptom go away. In the mean time, the cause of the problem festers and grows, slowly killing the person.

Unfortunately, it's very profitable to the healthcare industry to sell drugs and lobby for socialist healthcare and make gobs of money while providing negative value in the long run. So no matter what happens in terms of technology, if the incentives are completely fucked up, so will be the outcomes. Disruption has no chance unless the goal of the service is to solve the root causes rather than the symptoms of the problem.

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