Saturday, August 06, 2011

Bill Maher - So close yet still an elitist clown

Bill Maher is a liberal/progressive. He supports Democrats and detests Teabaggers. He hates corporatism. These are not bad things. Unfortunately he is another victim of incorrect logic spewing out criticisms of symptoms rather than causes.

The biggest mistake he makes is that assuming Tea Partiers support corporatism. In fact, he is absolutely wrong. Tea Partiers support the end of corporatism and the end of subsidies for EVERYONE including oil companies and farmers. Republicans AND Democrats however are professional corporate whores. Bill mentions that Republicans are whores to oil companies and banks. This is true. However Democrats are whores to health insurers and banks. Bush was a corporate whore to health insurers and drug makers as well with his implementation of the prescription drug benefit. He was a whore of Wall Street and big oil. Obama is a corporate whore to Wall Street (see campaign contributions and his ball licking of Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon). Obama is a corporate whore to insurance and the drug lobby (see Fascist-Care). Obama is a whore to corporate offshoring (see GE Jeff Immelt ball licking).

The sooner he realizes that both liberals and conservatives are whores to corporatism, the sooner he will realize that he is wrong and his logic is completely fucked. Maybe he has realized this and is just spouting off his Tea Party hatred for ratings (a distinct possibility). That's fine. His business is entertainment.

The fact is that progressivism promotes theft through taxation of production and redistribution from those who have earned to those who want something for "free". By supporting whores like Obama, he is promoting a leechfuck society where corporations effectively tax the middle class to support the lower and upper classes. It's quite a perverted system. That's not to say the Bush and the Neocons do not promote a leechfuck society. They do, although they focus their fascist leanings on the military industrial complex. They both support the credit creating facilities of the Fed.

The Tea Party is actually a grassroots libertarian movement that supports the end of corporatism and a reduction of support for the lower and upper classes in favor of a level playing field. Yes the Tea Party has been hijacked by the Guns, Gays, and God politicos, however my guess is that the majority of the Tea Party grassroots don't give a shit about gay marriage and what god thinks. They do however support gun rights wholeheartedly. How else do you protect yourself from a faceless bureaucracy promoting a fascist system? Individual gun rights are the only protection.

So Bill, I'm sure you are a closet case libertarian, but you have found your niche as a progressivist entertainer and Tea bagger basher. I know you've figured out that Progressivism is not possible without corporatism and you say you detest corporatism. You must be terribly conflicted as an entertainer and logical thinker. You've become the Limbaugh/Hannity of the left. But you're rich so what do you care?

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