Monday, August 08, 2011

London burns

So London has been burning for the last several days. Apparently the event that triggered it was a shooting by police of a black male. If that was the case here in the US, every major city would burn at least once a week.

I think what's really happening is people are growing weary of the effects of the effective serfdom that global governments are putting them under. The great recession has persisted despite the bailouts of the biggest fat cat bankers and the lower and middle classes have nothing to show for it.

Governments govern at the consent of their people. It seems that the people are giving their governments a warning from the Mideast to Greece to Spain to London. If the US government doesn't stop pissing on the people I'm afraid that you'll start seeing scenes like this popping up at home. My guess is the government is already prepping for this. They may be assholes but they aren't stupid.

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