Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Tea Party has been Hijacked

The Tea Party began as a grassroots movement for limited government, lower taxes, and support for the rule of law as outlined in the US Constitution.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool.

Unfortunately, it has been hijacked for political expediency by charlatans and hacks such as Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and Rick Perry.  There is no other explanation for Palin and Bachman other than they are either appealing to dumb people or old men hoping to have an attractive woman president because they both speak illogically.  Rick Perry is a political opportunist whose record is full of corporate cronyism and liberal tendencies.

Last night's "Tea Party Express" debate on CNN was a sad display from beginning to end.  Wolf Blitzer didn't ask the originator of the Tea Party, Dr. Paul, about his key issues; Ending the Federal Reserve, Ending the Income Tax, Healthcare (he is a doctor for god's sake).  This was incredibly frustrating to see the strategy being played out by the corporate media.  The strategy was originally to ignore Dr. Paul.  Now it appears that the strategy is to attribute Dr. Paul's policies to the other candidates who are advocating (for political expediency) some of the same positions that Dr. Paul has been advocating for over 30 years.

The saddest part of the debate was in the clip below.  To see gun-toting, gay-bashing, "god"-loving people like Rick Santorum (google his last name... seriously hilarious) support endless murdering of people in the middle east by failing to see the logic of Dr. Paul's argument that our policies were "blowback" from our meddling in their politics was a disgusting sight to see.  It is however not unexpected given the state of our public schools that have no respect for the Constitution (where is Federal education permitted in the Constitution?).  Logic is not taught in any public school class until at least upper high school and usually university, and even then it is often an elective.

If Japan bombed us and killed 3,000 Americans, what would we do?  Fight back.  Isn't it logical that if thousands of Muslims had been killed or maimed by our interventions in their affairs that they would do the same?

I suspect that over time, Dr. Paul's insight, derived from Osama bin Laden himself will gain traction.  It may take time, but the realization that the US is causing many of its own security problems will hopefully come to light.  Until then, I suggest Dr. Paul create a new "Party" for this next phase of Liberty because someone stole his first party.

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